Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Robert W. Cox

While wandering on internet, I came across a few sources on Robert W. Cox which I thought could be interesting and useful for the visitors of this blog.

1) The first is a video of Robert W. Cox while giving a keynote address at the University of Alberta, Canada, in October 2009. The title of his speech is "Consciousness and Civilization: The Inside Story".

2) The second is an interview made with Cox. I think the interview was made in March 2010. The interview is titled as: "World Orders, Historical Change, and the Purpose of Theory in International Relations".

3) The third is another interview with Cox. It dates back to 2003, and a pdf version of it can be found here.

4) Finally, the fourth one is a lecture given by Cox at ACUNS (The Academic Council of the United Nations System) in 1992, and is titled as: "Globalization, Multilateralism, and Democracy".

Hope you will like them and find them useful. :)


Anonymous said...

great! thanks for the tips!

Feyzullah said...

your welcome. :) hope you will find them helpful.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant job my friend! Thnks

Feyzullah said...

your welcome.