Monday, September 7, 2009

Meeting Andreas Bieler in Helsinki

I was in Sweden during the last two weeks. I wanted to have some rest and also read things to relax, that is to say, reading things that are not related with my academic interests. It was a nice 14 days in which I had a good rest, and also was able to finish The Insulted and Humiliated from Dostoevsky.

Before returning to Istanbul, I decided to make a trip to Helsinki. Although I was traveling between Turkey and Sweden since 2005, I had never been to its eastern neighbor, Finland. While I was making plans about Helsinki, I remembered that Andreas Bieler and Stephen Gill were also there. So, I sat down and sent them an email about my visit, and asked whether they could have time to meet me. Stephen Gill didn't answer, but Andreas Bieler told me that he will be available on Friday. Luckily I found a ticket for Friday, and started to get prepared for the trip.

I arrived in Helsinki on the Friday morning. After walking around the city for some time, I went to Helsinki University, to the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. Following a short search, I found Andreas Bieler in his room. First, we went to school's cafeteria for a lunch, and after the lunch, we went outside for a walk and took a photo together.

Helsinki trip was nice, but what made it nicer for me was meeting Andreas Bieler. I had the opportunity to discuss with him the thesis project I had in my mind, and also talk about my studies. I also wanted to meet Stephen Gill as well, but he wasn't available. If I had waited until Monday, I could meet him, but unfortunately I had to go back to Sweden. at 5pm in the evening. However, later I received an email from Stephen Gill, and that was something as well. :)

Finally I think it would be useful to remind the readers that Andreas Bieler and Stephen Gill are going to pursue their research in Helsinki during the next year. So, if you ever go to Helsinki during that time, maybe you can drop by and visit them as well. :) For those who are interested, Stephen Gill is going to give a lecture on "The Constitution of Global Capitalism" on September 30, 2009.