Rethinking Gramsci
edited by Marcus E. Green
New York: Routledge, 2011
ISBN: 9780415779739


Introduction Marcus E. Green, Rethinking Marxism and Rethinking Gramsci

I. Culture and Criticism 
1. Stuart Hall. Race, Culture, and Communications: Looking Backward and Forward at Cultural Studies
2. Paul Bové. Dante, Gramsci and Cultural Criticism
3. Daniel O’Connell. Bloom and Babbitt: A Gramscian View
4. Marcia Landy. Socialist Education Today: Pessimism or optimism of the intellect?

II. Hegemony, Subalternity, Common Sense
5. Derek Boothman. The Sources for Gramsci’s Concept of Hegemony
6. Marcus E. Green. Gramsci Cannot Speak: Presentations and Interpretations of Gramsci’s Concept of the Subaltern
7. Cosimo Zene. Self-consciousness of the Dalits as ‘subalterns:’ Reflections on Gramsci in South Asia
8. Evan Watkins. Gramscian Politics and Capitalist Common Sense
9. Frank R. Annunziato. Gramsci’s theory of trade unionism
10. Nelson Moe. Production and Its Others, Gramsci's 'Sexual Question'
11. Adam David Morton. Social Forces in the Struggle over Hegemony: Neo-Gramscian Perspectives in International Political Economy
12. Richard Howson. From Ethico-Political Hegemony to Post-Marxism

III. Political Philosophy 
13. Richard D. Wolff. Gramsci, Marxism and Philosophy
14. Carlos Nelson Coutinho. General Will and Democracy in Rousseau, Hegel, and Gramsci
15. Wolfgang Fritz Haug. From Marx to Gramsci, from Gramsci to Marx: Historical Materialism and the Philosophy of Praxis
16. Steven R. Mansfield. Gramsci and the Dialectic
17. Esteve Morera. Gramsci’s Critical Modernity

IV. On Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks 
18. David F. Ruccio. Unfinished Business: Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks
19. Joseph W. Childers. Of Prison Notebooks and the Restoration of an Archive
20. Peter Ives. The Mammoth Task of Translating Gramsci
21. William V. Spanos. Cuvier’s Little Bone: Joseph Buttigieg’s English Edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks
22. Joseph A. Buttigieg. The Prison Notebooks: Antonio Gramsci’s Work in Progress